Most people never start learning music because they don’t know where to start or can’t find a good teacher to help them!

Learning an instrument doesn’t have to be so difficult. Tāla’s “FREE Ukulele Workshop” is designed exclusively for beginner adults and kids to experience music learning in a creative and fun way! With a play-based approach and a shorter learning curve, you will understand the fundamentals of music and play simple tunes and songs in just our first session itself!

Do you want to experience learning and playing this fun instrument? All you have to do is:

1. Sign up for the FREE workshop
2. Attend LIVE sessions – After class get access to our Home Learning App, post your videos and get feedback from your teacher
3. If you like the session, Sing UP for the full course. With our bite-sized fun lessons and constant feedback, in just 8 sessions you will learn with ease and perform confidently for your friends and family! 

The fact is, it is hard to find a teacher and get guidance to learn music! You don’t have to keep waiting anymore. The ukulele is a great choice for all beginners that want to learn a fun and simple instrument and with our approach, we can guide you step by step to your goal. 

So stop feeling left out and start your journey today of being a musician!

FOR a BEginner!

Workshop Details

Workshop Details

What will I learn in this workshop?

This online ukulele music workshop is best suited for kids or adults that are absolute beginners.

Simple yet profound play-based techniques to get started off on the ukulele. 

  • In just one session, you can learn enough to play a fun tune clearly and a few simple songs.
  • You will also learn several fundamental concepts of playing pop-rock music on a ukulele.
What do I need to bring for this workshop?

It would be great if you have a ukulele. A guitar will also work. Even if you can’t borrow one, you can attend the session to get a feel of how you can learn with our creative approach. Other than that all you need is a laptop with descent internet connection. 

Who is the facilitator?

Kevin Wilson is the facilitator for this session. He loves teaching and playing music. He has a creative and friendly approach to introducing the ukulele to kids and adults. Kevin has taught thousands of students and helped them discover the inner musician in themselves for the past 20 years and is the founder of Tāla.

He founded India’s first and only ukulele orchestra. Click here for a sneak peek at “The Ukefellas” 

When and where is the workshop?
  1. We host this fun workshop very frequently. At least once in 3 months.
  2. The workshop is condcuted online. (Anyone 5+ is eligible). After you register you will receive an email with the invite and link. 
  3. We may have separate batches for adults and kids depending on the number of registrations
What is the cost of this workshop?
  1. This is a completely FREE session with no costs at all.  This is a LIVE experience of the actual program we conduct for kids and adults of all learning profiles
How do I proceed after the workshop? What's the next step?
  1. The 60-minute workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of playing simple tunes and songs on the ukulele. You will have a broad idea of how music works irrespective of your background in music. 
  2. If you feel our approach suits you, which we are sure you will, you can continue learning by signing up for either the Adult Ukulele program for beginners, advanced level or an appropriate children’s batch 

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